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Inside you will find many areas to explore. Each packed to the brim with Boyzone stuff. Since the site is still not completed, there may be a few links that are not yet available. Sorry about this but I'm working hard to get it ready !

My name is Hazel, I'm 11 years old and live in Scotland in the United Kingdom. I have been a Boyzone fan for over 4 years now and am a keen collector of anything Boyzone. I know how many websites are quite boring and not very easy to move around in. I hope to make this website as friendly and simple as poss. Well.. here goes nothing, see what you think of it !

If you would like me to email you when I add more things to this site, then just send me an email to with your email addy.



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Pictures of Boyzone. Including scans and video captures.


Clips of music from their songs and interviews ect..


Chat to fellow Boyzone fans on-line here.


Get a penpal here, or leave your details to be added to the list.


Links to other BZ sites, and those collected from the Internet Search Engines.


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Some of the pages you go to might not have much on them. The whole website will be updated once every two or three weeks though, so make a bookmark or put it in your favourites folder and KEEP COMING BACK. You won't be disappointed, I promise ! Even better, send me your email addy and I'll email you to let you know of new stuff..

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